Acrylics v Autentico Natural Paints

Tracey Parry is known for her healing powers and has been a Reiki Master for over twenty years. She came to an Autentico workshop and was hooked! So much so that she joined our Artisan workshop spanning a year. Using Autentico natural products she soon realised the versatility of them. At the same time she was also studying a Fine Art degree and soon saw how she could combine the natural Autentico products into her degree. The results were not only a first class BA (Hons) degree but some amazing fluid artwork influenced by healing powers….Here’s her story.

I am a mature graduate of 54 years young, graduating with a first class BA (HONS) fine art degree.

Throughout the final year of my degree I was able to sign up with ShabbyAnd… on an Autentico master artisan furniture restoring course. A year long course teaching all there is to know about the Autentico products and the business of furniture restoring. Through working so closely with Autentico paints my interest in working with chalk paints as an artists paint grew. I had much research to do on this as my work as an artist is with fluid painting .

This image shows fluid acrylic paint on canvas, my research was to start with the experimentation of Autentico paints and products, to produce an aesthetic outcome with chalk based paint similar to that of professional artist quality acrylic paint. Such research and experimentation with the Autentico products proved to be beneficial to the academic qualification of my degree.

On a more personal level, I have been a Healer working spiritually for over
thirty years and a Reiki Master for twenty years. Around three years ago
one of my close friends and healing clients had the miss fortune of having
to be in isolation due to the treatment she was going through but at the
same time it was necessary for her to receive help from healing. Through
being in this situation I performed a healing meditation whilst painting a
canvas, this healing canvas was then given, to be kept in the home of the
client and to be used as an aid in their healing and recovery. The use of
Autentico paints on these canvases I feel is a necessity, being ecologically
friendly reducing any chemical interference to the clients environment.

My experimentation with Autentico paints started by simply watering down Vintage paint which didn’t work at all, chalk paint dries quickly and although the water thinned the paint it would not flow in the manor I needed it to. The strength and vibrancy of colour was also compromised and when using more than one colour the paints merged together leaving a very muddy result.

My next step was to introduce Autentico Glaze into the mix of paint and water, after much experimentation I found the correct quantities of each to be mixed together giving perfect results of paint consistency, durability, fluidity, colour vibrancy and definition.

Pushing the consistency of this mix as far as I could to record the results and behaviour of the product. As the paint dried deep cracks appeared as a result of the water to glaze ratio, braking down the gel like structure of the glaze medium. Alchemy at it’s best.

I had managed to record and reproduce the perfect consistency for my desired results but needed to find an alternative to the acrylic varnish I had been using over the acrylic paints. The varnish is used to protect and perfect.

My experimentation for this started with the use of Autentico waxes, results were ok but lacking that professional finish.
I then tried Autentico Sealer which again was ok BUT…. lacking that something ?.
Autentico Floor Varnish, semi gloss, this gave me the professional result I had been searching for, the varnish brought out the textures and depth to the canvases allowing the colours to pop highlighting tone and vibrancy.
A lot of my painting experimentation for uni was produced onto paper in my sketchbook, it was due to this that I made what I believe to be an amazing discovery. When Autentico Floor Varnish is applied over a painting of Autentico Vintage on paper…… the varnish changes the structure of the paper, producing a more malleable and yet stronger surface similar to that of fabric.

Once I had made this discovery I soon began to experiment working straight onto fabric. Life at uni is all about making mistakes and recording what you learn from your mistakes, which was great as I certainly made a few. My first attempt proved a disaster as I hadn’t primed the surface of the fabric first, coursing the fluid paint mix to bleed straight through to the underside of the fabric.

For my next attempt, I primed the fabric with two coats of
sealer first giving a less open and porous surface to work

The results were great and although I was producing some interesting and professional work, I
just couldn’t get away from the idea of working on paper.

I now had to put all my time and efforts into my final degree show exhibition, for this I wanted to
express who I am and show how much I had discovered along the way. Much of my academic
research had been carried out for my dissertation, with the title of….

Communicating the sublime:                                                                        through the life and last works of Vincent Van Gogh from a spiritual and holistic perspective.

I had the vision in my mind of portraying my dissertation with Autentico paints as an immersive installation and so the work began.

Painting two 10 metre lengths of recycled lining paper with a mix of Autentico Vintage, Glaze medium and water. Painted on both sides, finished with one coat of Autentico Floor Varnish.

Two recycled frames, re-stretched with organic cotton
canvas, two coats of Autentico Sealer applied, four
coats of Autentico Vintage and Glaze mix applied by
hand with a large brush, to maintain a textured and tonal
Canvas size, 3 metres by 2.5 meters.

Other materials used to complete the installation, Vermiculite – a heat treated, mined natural stone. A weightless alternative to gravel for the suggestion of a Japanese dry garden.

My Japonaiserie

Be still
Be silent
Be awake in the moment
Look inside, be creative
Notice the universe and all within
All is beautiful
Just being.