Bristle Build Up…

Don’t you hate “Bristle Build Up”!
Have you ever tried painting with an old clogged up brush?…it’s not worth it, you’ll end up with a finish that resembles the moon!
Preparation and clean up are the most important parts of any paint job which includes looking after your paint brushes, even new brushes should be rinsed out with warm water and allowed to dry before first using them. Autentico paints are all water based which makes it easier to keep your brushes in good condition…the secret is not to let them dry out!. Between coats wrap them in clingfilm and as soon as you’ve finished the job wash them out thoroughly in warm water working any paint out from the handle end and then allowing them to dry.

Oops! you’ve left them to dry… or over time they’ve got “bristle build” up. Autentico BioStrip is a great way to revive them. Check out our “how to” video