Introducing 4 new colours!

One of our resolutions at Autentico is to continue developing beautiful colours that we know you’ll love!

We haven’t quite reached the end of January and already we’ve released 4 vibrant colours that will brighten up your rainy days.


Morpeth Mustard




All 4 shades are available in Autentico Vintage, a chalk paint with intent pigmentation and a rich colour pay off that lasts. These bold shades will keep on shining through for years to come!

Autentico Vintage is also:

  • Environmentally friendly as it contains no harmful toxins or chemicals in its binders or fillers
  • Child safe due to the low VOC (volatile organic compounds) – aka no nasty chemicals
  • Super easy to apply
  • Multifunctional, adapting to any surface for interior furnishings
  • Amazing for providing a high coverage finish
  • Quick drying
  • Almost completely odourless

Try the brand-new colours for yourself by heading to Autentico Paint UK today!

Bring life and light into your home.