There’s a workshop for everyone!

If you’ve ever wanted to develop your painting skills or learn how to upcycle a piece of old furniture, then the ShabbyAnd… workshops could be perfect for you.

I hold regular workshops that teach you everything you need to know, from preparation to finish.

Whether you are an interior designer that wants to brush up on your skills or if you’ve received a beautiful piece of vintage furniture that need’s restoring and bringing back to life – all painters are welcome!

I only use Autentico paints and products in my workshop, as I truly believe that they provide a flawless finish every time. There are a variety of formulas that all carry incredible features, such as built-in water membranes for easily wipeable surfaces and quick drying ingredients so you can paint and not worry about wet walls or furniture.

Or when you attend a ShabbyAnd… workshop, the quick drying feature gives you just the right amount of time for a cup of tea and some biscuits… There’s no watching paint dry here.

In the workshops, you’ll discover how to use Autentico paints effectively to provide you with your desired finish. You’ll also know how to accurately prepare a piece of furniture and what equipment you’ll need for certain projects. We will touch up on techniques and what you can do to create a truly personal and unique item.

And of course, you’ll have your newly upcycled and (now) beautifully painted piece of work!

To join your own ShabbyAnd… workshop and give old furniture a new lease of life OR redesign a room. Click here to book today.