Why professional artists LOVE Autentico Lime Paint…

Artist and Autentico lover, Tracey Parry, shares why she has introduced our line of Venice Lime paints into her experimentations. 

Here’s why… 

Autentico Venice is a wonderful, high quality chalk paint that achieves sublimely stunning results around the home and walls, furniture and even canvases (adding that extra little bit of sophistication to your surroundings). 

After seeing brilliant results from Venice Lime, it led me to exploring the uses of it as an artist medium. Any chance that I get to experience and push boundaries, I will grab with both hands, which is why I have spent my entire November exploring the charm of Lime paint that is Autentico Venice.  

From my work, I found that you need a surface that lime can adhere itself to, Autentico Primer is always a good choice! 

You’ll also need your shade choice of Autentico Venice paint, a Venice Lime brush and to finish off the technique, a trowel tool works best. 

Here are just a few examples of what effects Venice Lime can achieve.  

Once I’d tackled the basic techniques like cloud and classic, I moved on to learning the difference between Autentico Venice and Vintage paint by painting canvases with the product. My results were that Venice starts off darker and changes before your eyes, becoming much lighter, whereas Vintage is completely the opposite.

I also realised that Venice will naturally achieve tonal variations to the finish, which Vintage will not – you’ll have to create the tonal differences yourself with different paint colours. 

Using the same colours as the base, I added a bit of metallic paint for a subtle shimmer, grabbed my trowel and started with a small amount of product on the end. 

To continue my experience between Venice and Vintage I kept the similarities between the two canvases the same, using the same metallic paint and application process. 

After doing this, I wanted to push the boundaries even further and questions what would happen if I used Venice and Vintage on the same canvas…  

So, I painted a canvas with a combination of Autentico Vintage, Venice and Metallico, applied with a trowel, and found that if you overwork the Vintage, it starts to dry which results in it lifting. I would recommend being patient and layering one colour at a time, leaving each layer to dry (try not to be as inpatient as I am), and you’ll create a beautiful canvas just the way you want it. 

As being a creative, we all have an image in our minds of what we would like to see as an end result, with the right colour and choices, and a little knowhow of using Autentico paints, will do this for you. 

As an artist, the process and techniques of the project produces the most unique results to the finished image. With my new-found knowledge, I can confirm that Autentico Vintage can easily achieve an Impasto effect, and that the trowel tool is very much my new best friend! 

I would highly recommend unleashing your inner artist with any of your Autentico paints and products. Why not have a go on canvas, there is not a surface around your home that wouldn’t look better with a little Autentico love given to it. 

I hope this has helped awaken your creativity. Look out for the next post where I will be working with the new Creative Powders (available for pre-order today!). 

Tracey Parry